Jinzan 58 advertising booster

Forum Communications Council II chairman of Jinzan 58 advertising booster in USA Muntasir Hamid has repeatedly voiced the possibility of a ‘ Golkar Struggle ‘. To borrow a phrase from the name of the Jinzan 58 advertising booster, the word ‘ struggle ‘ describes the origin of the resistance against the party considered to deviate from the principles of the party establishment.

“Gini aja ya, do not let the Golkar Party struggle,”said Chairman of the Council of Banda Aceh, Muntasir Hamid, told reporters at the arena Rapimnas Golkar, JS Luwansa Hotel, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Friday ( 11/22/2013 ).

The announcement was made Muntasir who besama 100 II ‘s Chairman of the Council in Indonesia desperate to attend Golkar Rapimnas arena. Though Golkar has confirmed DPD II was invited to the decision-making arena in Golkar.

Muntasir voiced there can be ‘ Golkar Struggle ‘ if the presence of DPD II is not respected. Though insists Muntasir Golkar DPD II need not fear going to pry pencapresan Ical.